Shenglin Zhang (张圣林)

Shenglin Zhang is an associate professor at the College of Software, Nankai University. His research interests focus on AIOps, including anomaly detection, failure diagnosis, root cause analysis, failure prediction, etc., for software/network service management. He has published 30+ papers in international conferences, including ATC, VLDB, SIGMETRICS, CoNEXT, INFOCOM, IJCAI, ISSRE, IWQOS, etc., and peer-reviewed journals, including IEEE TC/TSC/TNSM, etc. Additionally, he had won the Best Research Paper Award at ISSRE 2018. He is the PI of 8 projects funded by NSFC, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Huawei, ByteDance, ZTE, CERNET, etc. He went to Alibaba as a visiting scholar during 2018-2019.

Before joining Nankai University, he got his Ph. D. in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University, and he was awarded the “Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Tsinghua University”. His advisers were Professor Dan Pei and Professor Ying Liu. He went to the School of Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology as a visiting scholar, supervised by Professor Jun (Jim) Xu in 2016. Before going to Tsinghua University, he attended Xidian University and received his B.S. in Network Engineering in 2012. He did his internship in Baidu, one of the largest search engines in the world, from 2014 to 2017. From November 2017 to May 2018, Prof. Dan Pei and he successfully launched AIOps Challenge, which is the first competition in the area of AIOps. In addition, they also successfully organized the First AIOps Workshop on May 19, 2018.

Research Interests

  • Failure detection, diagnosis, and prediction for service/network management
  • Resource scheduling for cloud-native scenario

Professional Activities

  • TPC member of WWW 22
  • TPC member of IEEE ISSRE 2019/2020/2021
  • Member of The Professional Committee of Internet at CCF
  • Communication member of The Professional Committee of Software Engineering at CCF
  • AC member of CCF YOCSEF Tianjin
  • IEEE member
  • ACM member
  • Reviewer of IEEE Wireless Communications/ASUR/TNSM/JCST
  • TPC member of HDR-Nets 2019/2020
  • TPC member of AIOps Workshop 2020



  • A Study on Anomaly Detection Based on Logs of Diverse Syntax & Semantics for Network Devices in Datacenter Networks, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2020.1-2022.12, PI
  • A Study on Log Based Anomaly Detection for Network Devices in Datacenter Networks, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2019.6-2022.5, PI
  • Intelligent Service Change Assessment Project, Huawei, 2020.4-2021.4, PI
  • OS Failure Diagnosis Project, Huawei, 2020.6-2021.6, PI
  • A Study on Unsupervised Machine Clustering and Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection, 2019.6-2020.6, ByteDance, PI
  • Frontier technology in AIOps, Baidu, 2017.10~2022.10, PI
  • A study on failure prediction for switches in next-generation networks, CERNET Technological Innovation Project for Next Generation Internet, 2018.12-2019.12, PI

Selected Honors and Awards

  • 2018 .   Best Research Paper Award, IEEE ISSRE 2018
  • 2017 .   Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award, Tsinghua University
  • 2016 .   Souhu Research and Development Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • 2015 .   China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • 2014 .  Guanghua First-class Scholarship, Tsinghua University
  • 2011 .  National Scholarship, Ministry of Education
  • 2011 .  Honorable Mention, Mathematical Contest in Modeling (USA)
  • 2010 .  National Scholarship, Ministry of Education
  • 2010 .  First-class Award of Shaanxi Province, National Mathematical Modeling Contest
  • 2009 . National Encouragement Scholarship, Ministry of Education

Invited Talks

  • Failure Detection, Diagnosis, and Prediction for Large-Scale Cloud Services, MS-AIOps workshop (co-located with ISSRE 2021), 2021.10.28
  • Anomaly Detection and Localization through Metrics, HUAWEI SRE Summit, 2020.11.2
  • PreFix: Switch Failure Prediction in Datacenter Networks, CCF ICoC 2018, 2018.9.9


Selected publications can be found here.

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  • Email: zhangsl at
  • Address: Room 407, Zone 3, Nankai University TEDA College, Binhaixin District, 300457 Tianjin.

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