Algorithm Design and Analysis


  • Welcome to the world of algorithm design and analysis! Hope you find it interesting and helpful!
  • As we have discussed on the class, we will make up the class which was scheduled during National Holiday, to 2:00-5:20 on October 13 (Sunday), rather than on October 12 (Saturday).
  • We will make up the class which was scheduled on September 30, to the 13th week.

Class Information

Time: 14:00-17:20, Monday, week 1 – week 12


  • First two classes: TaiDa Area 3-212, Nankai University TEDA College
  • Last two classes: Third floor of TeDa Area, Nankai University TEDA College


Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardos, “Algorithm Design“, Pearson Education, 2005.


  1. Introduction
  2. Stable Matching
  3. Introduction to OJ system
  4. Algorithm Analysis
  5. Greedy Algorithm
  6. Graphs


  1. What is an algorithm
  2. Introduction to algorithms (UCSD)

About the OJ system & final project

  1. Tutorial of using the OJ system
  2. Tips about using OJ system
  3. Final project


You can contact Ms. Fangrui Guo, our TA, via, or Prof. Zhang, via



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